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Two Months, Two Actions: First Steps to Success
by: Devlyn Steele

Susan stood on the scale the other day. She had gained two pounds.

Fred muttered to himself, “damn smokes cost a ton and are killing me”, as he passed another five dollar bill across the counter.

Mark promised his wife that this would be the year that they took a vacation, the same promise that he’s made every year since they were married.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Go to a mirror and take a good look at yourself. What you have done differently in these last two months? The New Year began, January and February are history, and what is different in your life? Did you follow through on any of your resolutions? Did you even bother to make any?

I hear people consistently talk about the things they want to accomplish in their lives. We all want to lose weight, get in shape, make and save more money, get ahead, quit smoking and more….or do we?

Here is the dirty little secret about these broken promises: we don’t really want to keep them. The real reason we don’t accomplish our goals is because we don’t do the work. We want things to simply “happen” for us. Except that life doesn’t work that way. There are no magic solutions.

However, I have great news for you. If you decide to make positive changes in your life, you can! There are two things you need to do, two actions you must take, and you can accomplish anything!

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