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Tips on How to Stop Smoking
by: Marilyn Pokorney

Once you have decided that you really want to stop smoking it can be a real challenge. Here are some tips to help you break the habit quicker.

Before you begin, decide what you are going to do when you have a craving. Keep a diary for a week or so and learn what times and situations tempt you to want to have a cigarette. Decide what you are going to do instead of reaching for a cigarette.

Ask your doctor for advice if you have other health problems or are worried about gaining weight.

The day you begin immediately get rid of ashtrays, lighters and all cigarettes.

Consider finding yourself a friend, relative or co-worker who wants to quit too and support each other.

If stress is a factor then find an exercise program. Joining a nearby health club will be less expensive than the cigarettes.

Your home will smell fresh and clean. You'll spend less time, energy and money cleaning your house.

You will reduce the risk of fire. As a result your homeowner's insurance rates may be reduced.

Your food will taste better.

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scripture to quit smoking Results:

1. Reconciliation with God and humanity, a matter of Our Choice. Teachings from...
... image has never changed, and Scripture teaches that we retain our ... puny in the eyes of the world. Smoking cigarettes was popular in the ... the Master then. I tried to quit occasionally, to the dismay of ...

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... s minds than how often the President quotes scripture. Besides what she might think, there are some ... ... whether or not God actually cares if they quit smoking or drop ten pounds. This speech is the ... .../archives/000063.html

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... it. Help for those who want to quit (or for those who know they ... your own attitude about smoking. It will also help you ... you start. Then look up each scripture and write down your answers ... ...he_Air_On_Smoking.asp

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... Our Program Home The 12 Steps and Related Scripture Spiritual Roots of the 12 Steps Servant ... ... Life is UNMANAGEABLE when you've attempted to quit drinking for a period of time and the strange ...
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... Women New Inst. of the Roman Missal Want to quit smoking ?? All Souls Mass Intentions CARNIVAL ... ... Hall). Youth Group (6 p.m., Upper Room). 2: Scripture Study (7 p.m., Religious Ed. meeting room #1 ...

6. Healthy Living -- eCureMeLife
... in Him. But I will tell you why I haven t quit smoking. It is because God has not taken away my ... ... than others, which is a fulfillment of another scripture text about temptation. It states that God ... .../al-c18-020105FEB.asp

7. testimony
... There are two passages of scripture that I wanted to touch on ... to fuel my rage. I was already smoking, but I started drinking ... year I did that I decided to quit smoking and I did. Another ...

8. Biblio: Find Books in Self Help > Addictions
... target goals, faith building examples and scripture, techniques to break the cycle of addiction ... ... use, follow, and understand Stop Smoking guide for helping you quit once and for all. 187 pages ... ...b/981/Addictions.html

9. Writings
... got attention for swearing or smoking or drinking, then I swore and ... believe it was up to me. When I quit the friendships I had so ... Looking at an example from scripture will help. Consider a ...
http://www.annandalechurc ...lechurch/writings.htm

10. Science, PseudoScience and Society
May the source be with you, but remember the KISS principle ;-) Softpanorama: (slightly skeptical ...

11. Free Health Stuff - freebies, free stuff, free samples
... the habit - The first herbal Quit Smoking Patch. No more ... just a high quality stop smoking guide (rated at 94% on ... as reading and researching scripture online, learning about God ...

12. About the Author
... friend had not yet licked the smoking habit, I confronted him with ... to understand, He won't let me quit. Always, in a way that I know ... Iíve memorized my share of scripture, I have a heck of a time ...

13. UCSD Guardian Online
... Galileo was teaching science contradictory to Scripture, and thus his findings were invalid. Many ... ... relacore, corti slim, relacor weight loss, quit smoking, liquid vitamins quit smoking, cigarette ...
http://www.ucsdguardian.o ...ion?art=2004_02_23_02

14. The Uniqueness of the Christian Experience
... For instance in the preface to Ramm's next book, The Christian View of Science and Scripture (published a year after the book McDowell cited) Ramm lamented the growth of "...a narrow bibliolatry [an ... ...inski/experience.html

15. Small Groups - Care Groups
... scripture meditations and group study. Leader: Sidney Barker(253) 318-7375 or email by clicking on her name. Day, Time, & Location: Contact Leader Kick The Habit If you want to quit smoking ...

16. Testimony
... bar probably at the age of six. My parents quit smoking at this time. When I was seven, we started ... ... God. The next installment we will quote some scripture and show why we should put our faith in the ...

17. Full text of THE OTHER END OF THE WORLD, by Professor Roger Rusk
... only by careful reading and thoughtful study. Scripture presents three purposes of prophecy ... ... the sun went down, and it was dark, behold a smoking furnace, and a burning lamp that passed ...

18. Gospel Music -- Lester LewisóPioneer of Reggae Gospel -- Entertain Your Belief
... smoking the weed. ìI stopped smoking cigarettes and drinking beer ... of the enemy.î In that same scripture, Lester was convinced God ... to Jamaica , his wife, Rose, quit her job and joined Lester full ... ...cles/international/45

19. First Congregational Church of Mansfield, OH
... man whose wife was constantly on him to quit smoking cigarettes. One day he announced to her that smoking was okay because he had found it in the scripture. She, of course, asked which scripture ...
http://www.1stcongregatio ...its Use and Abuse.htm

20. angelweave
... reduce the health effects of smoking. Wow - I'm certain we all ... increased risk. But goodness - quit the freak-out. Anybody ... style post complete with scripture passages, but I think I'll ...

21. BEA Festival - 2005 Winners
... University of North Carolina-Greensboro, The Scripture Cake Student Scriptwriting Competition ... ... Tie): Matthew Cyr, Lyndon State College, "Quit Smoking" First Place (Tie): Robert Edwards, Ithaca ...

22. Divisions and Precisions: February 2001 Archives
... has surfaced! Indeed, New scripture has surfaced! Indeed, it ... t talking on cell phones are smoking. I know that's a Lipscomb ... ll probably pray for my soul, quit bugging me for donations, and ...

23. Harvestime Book Features
... punishment of the wicked. All Scripture passages are quoted from the ... it is more costly. YOU CAN QUIT TOBACCOó(22¢ in the box) An ... explaining why and how to stop smoking. A Sabbath Bible study is in ...
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24. PrayerNet
... for Butch and Curry who have agreed to receive scripture tapes. Pray for their salvation and healing ... ... April 21st Pray for Butch to be able to quit smoking altogether. [7955] Webster has a sebaceous ...

25. The Journal of Princess Tiffers - Bravenet Web Journal
... So I thought that was cool. My mom's doing the scripture reading so she was asking about what to do ... ... in and out for my smoke breaks. Well, I quit smoking in November, so I haven't taken smoke ...

26. bible, bible study, online course, bible online, scripture, word of God, kjv,
... Yes, a lot of people quit smoking and drinking when they get to know God. Not because they have to, but because they want to, because they found more in life. They found something with which to ...

27. Bible Truth Comments Page
... been doing-Because I have not quit smoking, I know God has not ... knew that I had about whether smoking was a sin.? Well, I read your ... sins. Acts 2:38 is inspired scripture and cannot be broken. ? Why ...

28. Gil Alexander-Moegerle: James Dobson's War On America,Bill Fields:PeaceMakers
... s attorney characterized portions of the Scripture as satanic rituals. And I attribute that to ... ... going to give up adultery, gambling, drinking, smoking, and all the other vices of the flesh. That's ...

29. The world's greatest groans
... the key. NEW GROWTH A detective who spent his entire career in plain clothes quit the police force and bought a farm. "What kind of crops do you plan to grow?" the police chief asked the farmer-to-be ...

30. Classes in Alternative Medicine/ Therapy/ Personal Development - Online Learning
... 10.00 (22%) by Enrolling Today! Quit Smoking - Save $10.00 (40%) by ... 16%) by Enrolling Today! Stop Smoking Now - Save $15.00 (27%) by ... to compare life lessons with scripture will be highlighted. Also ...
http://home.universalclas .../subjects/alermed.htm

31. Nowheresville, USA: Where feeling a little bit lost means you're right at home.
... way has proven best. Seminars on how to quit smoking would have been laughed to scorn as ... ... unexamined life is a foolís paradise. Even in Scripture, we are encouraged to test the proclamation ...
http://www.nowheresville. ...h/2004_10_01_old1.php

32. Arthur A Pilgrim by Arthur Blessitt
... It's too steep!" I can't stop!" I said, "Joshua, quit making excuses. Skateboard! I've got a feeling ... ... grave we had dug beside the tree. Don read a scripture, Mike sang in a broken weeping voice, and I ...


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