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Tips on How to Stop Smoking
by: Marilyn Pokorney

Once you have decided that you really want to stop smoking it can be a real challenge. Here are some tips to help you break the habit quicker.

Before you begin, decide what you are going to do when you have a craving. Keep a diary for a week or so and learn what times and situations tempt you to want to have a cigarette. Decide what you are going to do instead of reaching for a cigarette.

Ask your doctor for advice if you have other health problems or are worried about gaining weight.

The day you begin immediately get rid of ashtrays, lighters and all cigarettes.

Consider finding yourself a friend, relative or co-worker who wants to quit too and support each other.

If stress is a factor then find an exercise program. Joining a nearby health club will be less expensive than the cigarettes.

Your home will smell fresh and clean. You'll spend less time, energy and money cleaning your house.

You will reduce the risk of fire. As a result your homeowner's insurance rates may be reduced.

Your food will taste better.

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quit drinking now com Results:

1. Ask Dr. Tom
... I have quit drinking beer, no problem, I quit over eating, no problem, I have quit so many things ... ... But you HAVE stopped, and for a good reason. Now your lung will not deteriorate so fast. Stopping ...

2. USA WEEKEND Magazine
... bottle and enrolled in an alcohol and drug rehab clinic, where he now works. The actor is asked if that is why he has quit drinking. He smiles. "I just wanted to stop. I started regretting some ...
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3. K9 Power Products Customer Comments
... our club dogs! The dogs that DO drink water quit drinking because they wanted the Peak Workout ... ... and sleep all the way home with sore muscles. She now is awake all the way home and no soreness ...

... her life. She accepted an appointment at a local mental health agency and decided to quit drinking. She now has over four years of sobriety, a new relationship and, with counseling, has uncovered ...

5. One More Reason to Quit Drinking Sodas
... are clear. I must either quit my job...or stop drinking Coke ... I would no longer be drinking soda. "Maybe Emma or Bob ... I suggested, helpfully. "Sure." Now it's possible that I imagined ...
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6. WHY TRI SILVER Colloidal Silver Sales
... the > time i left, his eyes quit tearing and the red on his ... When I traveled by car, not drinking enough liquids, and not ... too early because to the now-famous insurance practicing ...

7. Article: A Proven Way That Women Can Quit Drinking Without AA - by Jeannie Long
... empowering method for women to quit drinking produces concrete ... that after hearing a person's drinking story at an AA speaker ... I have been sober for 8 years now. I attribute my continuous ...
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8. Baptistmom.com - Drinking
... Even if you quit your drinking now--if you do, and I hope you will--but if you quit your drinking now, unless you turn to Jesus and repent of your sins and trust Him, you are still a poor, lost soul ...

9. Recovering from a 30-year battle with heroin by Asami Hashirano - Community ...
... replacement treatment programs for heroin addicts. He also quit drinking for two years after he found out that he had Hepatitis C. Gene now leads a busy life, participating in three outpatient ...

10. Bissell Centre - Making a difference in Edmonton's inner city
... Learn more about Adult Support Services Len has been sober for one year now after trying to quit drinking many, many times before. He credits much of his success to the support he received from the ...

11. Alcohol
... him he must change, so he quit drinking for seven years, Norman said. "Then my fiancÈe looked at me and asked what I was afraid of ó the substance or myself. "Now I can enjoy a good glass of ...
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12. MM - Suggested Reading List
... of change) SAYING WHEN: How to Quit Drinking or Cut Down by Martha ... has helped people overcome drinking problems for over 20 years ... for hundreds of people, are now available to you in this step ...

13. Odyssey of the Soul Chapter 5.1
... That¥s why she keeps telling me to quit drinking now!" Mary had been into drugs at that time in her life, but had, shortly after this dream, cleaned herself up at the Betty Ford center. She¥d stopped ...

14. Many Voices Sharing
... driving. The other night she threatened to kill me. She is in jail now. Also, she has an alcohol problem and refuses to quit drinking, so she lost her therapist. I don't want to leave her--she's my ...

15. The Daily .WAV -- July 2002
... July 31 ñ "I picked a hell of a day to quit drinking." - [Randy Quaid from Independence Day ... ... sleeping on the beach side-by-side, unchaperoned! Now what kind of society is it that would allow such ...

16. - Dig into the brain
... This means that alcoholics can actually regain their mental infrastructure, if they quit drinking. And now Jelsing solemnly pulls out the last, and largest, bucket. Before he lets me peek into it ...
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17. Alcoholics Anonymous - Chapter 10
... Perhaps you have such a man in mind. He wants to quit drinking and you want to help him, even if it be only a matter of good business. You now know more about alcoholism. You can see that he is ...
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18. Ask The Expert
... a traumatic experience trigger OCD? Should I quit drinking cold turkey? My husband is spiraling with ... ... Notice of Information Practices I NEED HELP NOW! Online Form CONFIDENTIAL HELP 24/7 Treatment ...

19. maltitol - IronMagazine Bodybuilding, Health & Fitness Forums
Pages: 1 maltitol (click here to view the original thread with full colors/images) Posted by: newstart I quit smoking cigs about four weeks now,and quit drinking booze going on two years.Iam making ...
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20. Your Page Title Here
... Place an order now for How to QUIT Drinking . Your secure order for the physical version of How to QUIT Drinking will include the following: The e-book version of How to QUIT Drinking (e-mailed to ...

21. The Difference In Drinkers.
... sincerely wanted to quit drinking. After his release from jail, he went to his mother's grave and wept, promising to stay sober, but days later he was drunk again. Now he was severely depressed ... ...ence_In_Drinkers.html

22. ChefTalk Cooking Forums - This just might be the place to find out...
... We hardly ever drink wine anymore as "quit drinking" now long ago... but this is one that I could really enjoy once in awhile... just a glass with dinner, mind you. :D vBulletin v3.0.7, Copyright ...
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23. Farmer Blog
... not sure I could eat any more than two at a time now. The Apartment - Far too many memories to recall ... ... You had to be there& For the record, I quit drinking over 10 years ago lest you think I m a ...

24. CHFpatients.com - The Beat Goes On heart forum Archives
... He takes diuretics now and quit drinking, I think, but still smokes a lot. He doesn't even know anything about CHF. I'm sending him research that I do. Any help would be appreciated. katie@kezomail ...
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... org Forum Index ª I Quit Drinking The time now is Fri May 13, 2005 8:42 pm Moderators: jluster, Freya, Rich, Reid Users browsing this forum: None Goto page 1, 2, 3 ... 21, 22, 23Next I Quit Drinking ...
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26. Teachers.Net Gazette August 2003 - HEALTHY LIVING TIPS - Teachers.Net Gazett...
... use only unsweetened soy milk. My favorite brand is Pacific Soy. The whole family uses it now. I quit drinking all juices, soft drinks, etc. NO caffeine. (I do let myself have a coke once or twice a ...

27. AA history
... about drinking, but I told Bob That I was sure that if he lived this way of life, he could quit drinking. Now you have to help me." Something said To me - I call it "guidance" - it was like a voice in ...

28. Universal Ministries Prayer Page
... to me for a wife in jesus christ name amen,and i'am in need of gas money food, and i quit drinking alcohal and now i quit smoking pot, i repent of this renounce this life style i submit my soul to god ...

29. Violent Colorado Women — 1999
... Her lawyer also claims she has now quit drinking alcohol (naturally, she's in jail). Her former husband and two co-workers who witnessed her attack at the Air Force Academy on May 5, 1999, asked that ...


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