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How to Remove the Psychological Addiction to Smoking - and Start To ENJOY Giving Up Smoking!
by: Sean O Riain

Consider this:

Already since 1972, over 60million people in the USA alone have successfully quit smoking!

At one stage over 60% of the adult population was addicted to this drug. Today it is 28% and dropping........

Now, isn't this a fair thought......

If all these people can do it (60 MILLION OF THEM!) - and they include EVERY TYPE of person imaginable - surely that is PROOF that IT IS POSSIBLE to successfully give up smoking.

Here's another Fact......

We now know from the latest scientific research, that although nicotine is one of the world's fastest acting drugs --- the actual PHYSICAL withdrawal pangs when you give up ARE SO MILD, YOU WILL HARDLY NOTICE THEM WHEN YOU STOP.

YES, you have read that sentence right!

I know you will want to argue with me on this point, but, first, let me first make the following points.......

The Desire to Smoke

Yes, when you stop smoking you will feel the desire AGAIN and AGAIN to smoke.

We all know that feeling -- 'I must have a cigarette'. But that desire in itself is not bad or painful.

It is just a feeling, a sensation we feel in our body.

However........this is where, for most of us our problems start.....

If we start to fear that 'craving' or try to use 'Willpower' to REPRESS it or FORCE it go away, -- "I wish this feeling would go away" we WILL create pain and tension.

This is what as smokers we have all done in the past.

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